I’ve always wanted to be a nurse… ever since my mum fell sick years ago.

“I live in Goole, you probably haven’t heard of it. Up in Yorkshire. It’s so small.

I’m studying nursing – I’ve always wanted to be a nurse. I think ever since my mum fell sick years ago; she had cancer. She was in a lot of pain and every time she went to the hospital they would say the same thing that it was some sort of stomach bug. Turns out she had septicaemia. She stayed in hospital for a while, but then when things were improving they eventually sent her home. She’s passed away now, a few years back. But it’s true when they say that it’s always better before it ends. She seemed fine for a while, but it turned out that she had developed a clot in her leg. And by then it was too late.

Nursing is tough, but I want to be doing something where I can help save lives – knowing what it feels like with what I’ve been through, I’d want to save people going through a similar thing”