…and once I met him I went with my gut

“I met a British guy over in Sydney a few years back. So I left Uni and came here to be with him. I don’t regret my decision, not at all – I was following my dream when I was studying in Sydney, and once I met him I went with my gut. I’d strongly encourage anyone to follow their intuition in the same way; because if it feels right, then the rest will work itself out.

And, well, I’ve move here and we’re engaged now, so things have worked out really well. I only see better things to look forward to”



“The most wonderful thing in life is to be delirious and the most wonderful kind of delirium is being in love. In the morning mist, hazy and amorous, London was delirious. London squinted as it floated along, milky pink, without caring where it was going.”
Yevgeny Zamyatin,


I moved 9 houses in the last 5 years, and my life changes massively each time


“I remember when I was 11 my father bought my postcards from his trip to the UK. Ever since then I really wanted to go. He told me he would take me but never managed to bring me in the next five years.

Even without visiting I knew I wanted to come here, and at the age of 16, pretty much the first opportunity I got, I made the move. The first time I moved in was also the first time I visited here. I had my bags and found a place in Brighton, where I could afford to start off by myself, and that’s it, I went from there. I didn’t have much more of a plan than that I just know what I wanted to do.

No matter what’s expected for you, if you have drive then just go for it. Otherwise you’ll never know what will happen. That’s what I did.

I moved 9 houses in the last 5 years, and my life changes massively every time. You have no idea. I’ve met so many awesome people along the way, honestly!

You get to understand different people and situations, how to adapt to them and mature. For me, exploring is key – if you have the energy and power, explore in every way possible.

London is busy place, it has productive environment. I need it. I’m a laid back person generally , so being in a city where everything is always on the move is what makes me get things done, otherwise I’d happily sit back and relax the whole time , and I wouldn’t have any of what I have to show now.”

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It’s so important for us to realise that the only place we will find long lasting, true happiness and acceptance is from within

Lizzie: We are planning to go to Paris. The plan is to do all the art galleries there. We want to just explore, as much as we can. There’s too many people who miss out, they have their bubble and can’t escape it. And any creativity they have is completely buried.
Laurel: It’s nice to be able to think like this, but it kind of causes problem too. A lot of the time we feel we can’t relate to people our age anymore – you know like all they care about is TV shows, and Snapchat.. or what are you wearing today. 
Lizzie: I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have each other.

Laurel: A lot of people look for happiness outside of themselves- in a job, in a relationship, in material possessions. Everyone is looking for the next thing that will ‘make them happy’, however what we must realise is that these things are all temporary. Once you have that ‘thing’ you desire, it’s usually not as fulfilling as you anticipated, and then it’s on to the next thing. These sources of happiness are external, and I feel it’s so important for us to realise that the only place we will find long lasting, true happiness and acceptance is from within.”

Lizzie Mailer & Laurel Spiers
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So turns out we are all doing some form of writing

Harry: Oh, well, I don’t think our lives are that interesting really. We’re both at Oxford, I’m at Brooks. And Dan’s at Warwick.

Daniel: I don’t really know what we’d say. Hugh you can mention your book actually…

Hugh: Well I‘ve recently finished writing a book, a novel. And I’ve sent it off to JK Rowling’s agent. So he’s reviewing it right now, and, yeah I guess we’ll see. I hope he likes it.

Harry: Yeah he’s got the most interesting thing with that. I’m currently working on a graphic novel, ‘Walking Dead’ style – where I’m recreating the drunken uni nights out. So I’m collecting the content, which is obviously ongoing, and then I’ll start to document it. It’s all pretty exciting, because.. well, I get to recall hazy nights out, which is always funny.

Daniel: I’ve also recently wroten, wait wroten… that’s not the right word at all I dunno where that came from. I’ve WRITTEN a prologue for a short book. It started from a game me and Hugh were playing where we’d send bits of a blurb back and forth…

Hugh: Yeh we’d each add a bit and then see what we could create

Daniel: but he just ended up writing way more than what we were meant to, so eventually I just start on my own story instead.

Harry: So turns out we are all doing some form of writing, even though two of us are doing science degrees and Hugh studies History.

Hugh: The three of us all met each other through one other person called Will Gambier, and he was meant to be here too but couldn’t make it due to family commitments. The hour of us call ourselves ‘A Wholesome Supper,’ so sucks you couldn’t have met him as well.

From left to right: Hugh, Harry, Daniel
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We met five minutes ago for the first time

Luis: We studied together in illustration, she works for a newspaper that I illustrated for, he is a skill full illustrator and he is a fashion professional in character – is that a good description.

Rafael: We met five minutes ago for the first time. 

Manrutt: But it was planned. We have kept in touch through Instagram, and then Luis told us he was coming to London, so we all arranged this day to finally meet in person. 

Luis: I never been in London before so I came with my husband for three days and then I messaged the group to say I’m here and we should meet. 

Jeremy: Plan today? We don’t have any plan for the day. We don’t have any plan you know… artists(!)

Manrutt: It is really important to connect. Working individually as a freelancer can be very isolated. Sometimes we are treated very poorly by others in the industry. So it is good to meet other like-minded artists to share our stories, exchange opinions, and to know I have support and not to suffer in silence. This will build a genuine, loving, and supportive community. In the world of social media where everything is consumed digitally, I miss and value human contacts. This can become rare in the capital city and I would like to break this cliche and do it more often.

From left to right: Manrutt, Luis Camargo, Rafael Zugliani, Ana, Jeremy Combot

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