…and once I met him I went with my gut

“I met a British guy over in Sydney a few years back. So I left Uni and came here to be with him. I don’t regret my decision, not at all – I was following my dream when I was studying in Sydney, and once I met him I went with my gut. I’d strongly encourage anyone to follow their intuition in the same way; because if it feels right, then the rest will work itself out.

And, well, I’ve move here and we’re engaged now, so things have worked out really well. I only see better things to look forward to”



“I met them all though my ex-boyfriend. So it shows you really can find your best friends through any possible means!”

I’m waiting here to surprise my boyfriend :D

Ivan, 23 and Francesca, 24

He should be on one of these trains coming from Stratford. But I don’t know which one, I know it is soon.

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How we met, you can answer this, you’ll be good at this stuff.

I guess I should be, maybe, I’m studying film. The two of us met in a job interview. When I arrived to London, she had been here for one year already. And we were in the same interview group. But first we became friends for a long time, maybe 3 years. In the last 5 months we started seeing each other. In the future, I would want to become a Director, that is the dream, and London is the best for me to do it – I’m still close to Italy too, so it’s the best place for me.

We are both bartenders and we work as freelancer for techno parties when we have free time. I came to London because is a vibrant city and I can express my self as an individual. I feel like I can make my dreams come through in this city, I feel free to do what I want to do and be myself 100%. 

And I could never understand – people would be so chilled about seeing famous people here.

  • I grew up in Birmingham and I’ve managed to lose the accent after studying in London. People always seem to be pretty happy to hear that.
  • I wouldn’t really go out much back home, but here, I find that I’m always doing things and wanting to go somewhere. Even after 4 months I still have a long list of what I want to see in London.
  • There is such a big pub culture here – I’m  an architect, so I had a lot of years of studying, being a student, and now I work and I find a lot of people don’t seem to do much on the weekend or with free time. Especially if you live a short distance from your work, it’s easy to forget what’s around you. Sometime’s there’s days I leave work and go home and wonder what to do. Then I have to remind myself that Shoreditch is right next door to me and there’s so much I can do. When I start to feel comfortable, that’s when I know I really need to pull my head out and just do something, explore, and that’s why my list helps.
  • I always knew I wanted to move – whenever you hear about a big act coming to UK, it’s always in places like London, New York, the usual. And I could never understand – people would be so chilled about seeing famous people. My friend works at Harrods and would just tell me ‘I saw David Beckham today’ and I would think what, how can you be so chill about it. It’s crazy.
  • One of my best experiences so far was when my friend got me into London Fashion Week. That was amazing – the people there live in a completely different reality. One person I got speaking to turned out be the guy who supplied champagne for the whole event, and he was telling me how he owned a number of vineyards in France. I couldn’t even imagine what his life is like. Meeting these people was so eye-opening, and I’ve only been here a few months!

She left me smiling. I really wanted to meet her again…

Ruth & Oli

  • We’re both from a small town called Bradford-upon-Avon. And we knew each other vaguely all those years ago.. I had a bit of a crush on him I think, He’s a bit older than me, but I just always thought he was really cool.
  • (Me: I can tell.. He looks it!)
  • …you mean the ‘looking older’ bit, right? haha
  • I live in London and work as a producer,  one day I walked into one of the local libraries when I was location scouting. 
  • Once every week, I volunteer at a community library nearby. And so this one day, she came in and I recognised her… I couldn’t place from where, but I just had the sense that I knew her 
  • …oh i knew straight away, and had a big smile on my face. So we got talking a bit but didn’t meet again for a while.
  • She left me smiling…  I really wanted to see her again and thought about her a lot. But I was out of the country so much – I had already planned my year so tightly without factoring something like this happening.
    There were times I flew back to London and I would have to get straight on a train elsewhere. We’d grab a cup of coffee outside her work or at a train station if we were lucky! Eventually, after returning from a trip to Indonesia, Ruth came to meet me at the airport and we took the sleeper train together to Glasgow, and it just clicked really. We knew there was a connection. That was 7 months ago now.

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