LSE students and full time besties

I was born in Hawaii, and moved to LA for my undergraduate.  I spent a year abroad in London, and absolutely fell in love with the city, especially the shear diversity of the people here!  I’ve met people from all over and I feel there’s no where else in the world where you’ll have the same opportunity.  So I’m living in East London now, but I’ve pretty much lived all over.  I love the amenities where I live now: different types of food, coffee shops, boutiques, you name it! My sister visited recently, and she found the area a bit ‘edgy’ with the graffiti and what not.  We walked around Notting Hill and Kensington recently, and she much preferred West London, just like Nayab.

My reasons for coming here are slightly different, I mean it is really diverse but that wasn’t really my main one. For me, it was the freedom; being able to go abroad and have my own space. And I always had my mind set on London.

We both really love London, it’s amazing that you can find neighbourhoods that cater to people’s different preferences, all in the same city!  It’s just one of the many things I love about London, its my favourite city in the world for sure. I would love to stay.

It’s so sad we only have a month left here.

We’ve both been looking for jobs here… we’ll need visas to stay. We have one month left to succeed!   

Kiana & Nayab

More on the 2 girls:

Nayab and Kiana are both recent graduates from the LSE.  Kiana completed her MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies and Nayab completed her MSc in City Design and Social Science.  They met this summer while on a lunch break outside of the LSE Library, while writing their dissertations.  They immediately hit it off, after sharing some much needed laughs during such a stressful time.  They both are enthusiastic urbanists and plan on being life-long friends.