We first met the way that all couples meet.. at a dingy rock club(!). You did the whole chase your dreams and come to London, right?

Yeh I’ve always thought London was a place I had to see, and there’s so much going on here for me. I’ve been here for a while now and sometimes I think I am ready to move away. But once you leave and stay somewhere else for a while, you realise how accessible London is  – you can walk around and find a corner shop open at midnight if you need to buy something

We met on the Wednesday after Christmas. No wait, it was the Wednesday before Christmas. So that was 5 years ago.. so it’s our 5 year anniversary of our first meet.

What’s my tip of the day… here’s one: Growing old is inevitable, feeling old is optional

A turning point… that happened from the moment I met her

We met through a combination of friends and Instagram… and we went on a date. I remember I cracked a joke which she found hilarious – and it was pretty much set from then on. The joke itself… you had to be there in the moment to appreciate its worth, but it was also very controversial. I’m quite upfront, and crude with my jokes, so I knew it would be a hit or a miss. The fact that she found it really funny made us click so much more.

In short, it involved a credit card and a butt crack, but I literally burst out laughing. I really liked his humour.

A turning moment in my life? That happened from the moment I met her. She gave me all the encouragement I needed… Before I was just working as a plumber and involved in stuff I really shouldn’t have been. And since meeting her, she has always had faith in me and pushed me in the right direction. Now I’m really focussed on my music and it’s all because she said I should. My plan for now is just to become the best guitarist.

Joel & Cheech

She left me smiling. I really wanted to meet her again…

Ruth & Oli

  • We’re both from a small town called Bradford-upon-Avon. And we knew each other vaguely all those years ago.. I had a bit of a crush on him I think, He’s a bit older than me, but I just always thought he was really cool.
  • (Me: I can tell.. He looks it!)
  • …you mean the ‘looking older’ bit, right? haha
  • I live in London and work as a producer,  one day I walked into one of the local libraries when I was location scouting. 
  • Once every week, I volunteer at a community library nearby. And so this one day, she came in and I recognised her… I couldn’t place from where, but I just had the sense that I knew her 
  • …oh i knew straight away, and had a big smile on my face. So we got talking a bit but didn’t meet again for a while.
  • She left me smiling…  I really wanted to see her again and thought about her a lot. But I was out of the country so much – I had already planned my year so tightly without factoring something like this happening.
    There were times I flew back to London and I would have to get straight on a train elsewhere. We’d grab a cup of coffee outside her work or at a train station if we were lucky! Eventually, after returning from a trip to Indonesia, Ruth came to meet me at the airport and we took the sleeper train together to Glasgow, and it just clicked really. We knew there was a connection. That was 7 months ago now.

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