Individual Profiles

Here is a chance to get in touch with the people behind the stories. This can be a useful chance to find out more about them or their story, as well as connect on a business or personal level.


Name: Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew
Age: 38
Location: Bangkok / London
Occupation: Fashion Doctor – Stylist, Art Director, Fashion Choreographer, Creative Consultant, Higher Education Professional
My belief: “As a practising Buddhist from Bangkok, I value creativity, individuality, and positive thinking. Struggling to strike a balance between ‘fitting-in’ and ‘standing-out,’ I took great comfort and immense inspiration from this quote on Instagram: “When you are born in a world you don’t fit in; it’s because you were born to help create a new one.” I commit to bringing colourful energy, authenticity, and creative freedom to my work. I also commit to building a positive community and making fashion a fun, exciting, and inclusive industry for everyone.”