What makes this blog different?

“So I had an idea… I wanted to create a platform where you not only have a chance to read the stories of the people, but you’re given a way to find out more about them: whether through contact details, a website link to their work, or various social media handles. This way people who featured could say more about themselves – their skills, passions, or hobbies for example. A reader with an interest in their story or their work, can then connect with them.  Call it the LinkedIn of People Blogging.”

What the blog offers


Read a selection of the conversations had with the people I came across.
These can be filtered by Categories for those with a interest in particular types of people or stories.


Hearing and sharing the stories is truly inspiring – from funny tales and romantic rendevous, to hearing people’s big dreams and life changing moments. Beyond this, I aim to provide a way for readers to learn more about the person (or people) behind the story… Why? When the stories are published, the readers will begin to relate to some of them, maybe comparing it to their own life, career or dream…

The People Profiles page is where you can find further details on those who featured who wanted to publicise themselves a bit more. Those interested can view the profile and any links provided  (e.g. website, Instagram, Twitter handle etc.) and reach out to them, whether out of personal interest, inspiration,  professional networking etc.

For example… Ivan is a singer and guitarist who moved to London to follow his dream of becoming a professional. He has done a few gigs and is looking for his big break. Perhaps you read this and you’re in a band yourself, or you run a local bar or events company, and need a guitarist. Here you have the chance to see some of his work, maybe hear any content he has online, and then get in touch with him. That’s what I’m looking to do – bring people together, expand their social circle and who knows, maybe make them famous.”