Anand Dattani

“After 5 years working for a large corporation in the City, one thing that kept growing was my desire to explore, to be outside and be part of what was happening in London minute by minute. I could no longer sit at a desk, in an office, and watch the world go by, only to wait for the weekend when my curiosity took a back seat because ‘other plans’ got in the way.”

What is Local Beings: London Log 

“Local Beings: London Log began as an after-work hobby. I could no longer sit at a desk and watch the world pass by. Out of intrigue, I wanted to explore and experience all that was going on in London: the cultures, the events, from pop-up stalls to food festivals, and underground music events to art exhibitions.

What started as an interest in becoming a great ‘capture the moment’ photographer, made me realise that it was the people I came across that aroused my curiosity the most. I have always loved meeting new people and hearing their story – what brought them to the moment I met them, what inspires them, what is their big dream.

I love the idea of interviewing people – all of them… But I wanted to focus on people/situations I’m particularly curious about, and haven’t seen too much of in this space (i) Individuals who went through a turning point (ii) the individuals and groups that come hit the streets of London by evening and night; (iii) the couples that make you think ‘I wonder how they met’.”