So turns out we are all doing some form of writing

Harry: Oh, well, I don’t think our lives are that interesting really. We’re both at Oxford, I’m at Brooks. And Dan’s at Warwick.

Daniel: I don’t really know what we’d say. Hugh you can mention your book actually…

Hugh: Well I‘ve recently finished writing a book, a novel. And I’ve sent it off to JK Rowling’s agent. So he’s reviewing it right now, and, yeah I guess we’ll see. I hope he likes it.

Harry: Yeah he’s got the most interesting thing with that. I’m currently working on a graphic novel, ‘Walking Dead’ style – where I’m recreating the drunken uni nights out. So I’m collecting the content, which is obviously ongoing, and then I’ll start to document it. It’s all pretty exciting, because.. well, I get to recall hazy nights out, which is always funny.

Daniel: I’ve also recently wroten, wait wroten… that’s not the right word at all I dunno where that came from. I’ve WRITTEN a prologue for a short book. It started from a game me and Hugh were playing where we’d send bits of a blurb back and forth…

Hugh: Yeh we’d each add a bit and then see what we could create

Daniel: but he just ended up writing way more than what we were meant to, so eventually I just start on my own story instead.

Harry: So turns out we are all doing some form of writing, even though two of us are doing science degrees and Hugh studies History.

Hugh: The three of us all met each other through one other person called Will Gambier, and he was meant to be here too but couldn’t make it due to family commitments. The hour of us call ourselves ‘A Wholesome Supper,’ so sucks you couldn’t have met him as well.

From left to right: Hugh, Harry, Daniel
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