I turned around and thought oh my god

“Can you believe that I work around the corner for so many years, but I’ve never been here till now.

When I first started working in the city, everything seemed magnificent with all the big buildings. But I got used to it. I was out with my friends a few months ago and we went past Sushi Samba and then they are like oh wow let’s go there and I was just thinking ‘Oh ok sure, we can do if you like’.

But here this… I went to drinks near Tower Bridge the other day, you know in the market along the river, and at one point when I was talking to colleagues I turned around and thought Oh my God that [view of the river] is amazing! I opened my eyes to see how special it all is and looks. Even now, like right behind us there is an old church and it’s surrounded by modern tall work buildings – I walk past here every day but only noticed it a few hours ago. I love it – it looks so out of place but in place at the same time.”


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