I’m waiting here to surprise my boyfriend :D

Ivan, 23 and Francesca, 24

He should be on one of these trains coming from Stratford. But I don’t know which one, I know it is soon.

Check the facebook page for the video! www.facebook.com/localbeings

How we met, you can answer this, you’ll be good at this stuff.

I guess I should be, maybe, I’m studying film. The two of us met in a job interview. When I arrived to London, she had been here for one year already. And we were in the same interview group. But first we became friends for a long time, maybe 3 years. In the last 5 months we started seeing each other. In the future, I would want to become a Director, that is the dream, and London is the best for me to do it – I’m still close to Italy too, so it’s the best place for me.

We are both bartenders and we work as freelancer for techno parties when we have free time. I came to London because is a vibrant city and I can express my self as an individual. I feel like I can make my dreams come through in this city, I feel free to do what I want to do and be myself 100%. 


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