And I could never understand – people would be so chilled about seeing famous people here.

  • I grew up in Birmingham and I’ve managed to lose the accent after studying in London. People always seem to be pretty happy to hear that.
  • I wouldn’t really go out much back home, but here, I find that I’m always doing things and wanting to go somewhere. Even after 4 months I still have a long list of what I want to see in London.
  • There is such a big pub culture here – I’m  an architect, so I had a lot of years of studying, being a student, and now I work and I find a lot of people don’t seem to do much on the weekend or with free time. Especially if you live a short distance from your work, it’s easy to forget what’s around you. Sometime’s there’s days I leave work and go home and wonder what to do. Then I have to remind myself that Shoreditch is right next door to me and there’s so much I can do. When I start to feel comfortable, that’s when I know I really need to pull my head out and just do something, explore, and that’s why my list helps.
  • I always knew I wanted to move – whenever you hear about a big act coming to UK, it’s always in places like London, New York, the usual. And I could never understand – people would be so chilled about seeing famous people. My friend works at Harrods and would just tell me ‘I saw David Beckham today’ and I would think what, how can you be so chill about it. It’s crazy.
  • One of my best experiences so far was when my friend got me into London Fashion Week. That was amazing – the people there live in a completely different reality. One person I got speaking to turned out be the guy who supplied champagne for the whole event, and he was telling me how he owned a number of vineyards in France. I couldn’t even imagine what his life is like. Meeting these people was so eye-opening, and I’ve only been here a few months!

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