When it stopped clicking, then it clicked

  • No I’m originally not from London I grew up in Somerset. There’s not all that much to do there. I cut grass, I milked cows, all the essentials to make it in the big city, and then I came to London
  • …He’s still not really from London… I’m from Surrey.
  • Ok, so I stay near Kingston.. so the most westerly of London. The two of us met by the river while we were cycling. Since I was young, I’ve had a passion for cycling, and.. well, she owns a tractor.
  • It’s really not a tractor. It’s just a heavy bike and he has to carry it up and down our stairs now ha! It is pretty heavy I’ll admit.
  • It’s pretty much similar to a B.S.A. Truck. You can’t change the wheel without taking the breaks off, a lot like our relationship. You need a shift rod to switch gears, so you could call it a rod cycle, but then that sounds a bit dirty too.
  • It used to always make a clicking sound when I cycled but he managed to fix it.
  • Basically when it stopped clicking, it clicked; that’s both the bike and again like our relationship.

Him & Her


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