We’ve been best mates ever since

  • We met in Maths class back in school. I remember walking in and seeing that he looked cool, like different to the rest of the people in the class – everyone else just blended into one. So we spoke to each other, just about whatever, and yeh, we’ve been mates ever since.
  • He’s an illustrator, and I’m, well… I’m kinda just messing around with a few things, but I’m tryna find what I want to do. I do some modelling too but that’s not really what I wanna be doing – I don’t really like it that much. But I’m working on figuring it out, and when I do I’m gonna be so damn good at it.
  • Network and portfolio are such a good asset to have here. If you’re arty, then having a portfolio is ideal. These can really help you get noticed and be successful in London. I don’t feel like I wanna take the route of going through university and then half way through end up thinking that’s not what I wanna do, nah, I want to find my own way and start on it as early as I can.
  • That’s where London is different to other places. In Spain, having a portfolio won’t help you break out onto the creative scene, it’s just not there. Here, you have so many possibilities. And I got my friend here so there’s nothing I won’t be able to do.

Sonny [white jumper]


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