Gina aka ‘Bubba G’, Retail Shopping Assistant

  • I‘m from Hertfordshire, so I guess I’m from London depending on who you’re speaking to. I work at the Vintage clothes shop on Brick Lane.
  • I used to come to places like Brick Lane, South London, I saw all these creative little businesses and fell in love with it. It’s completely different to what you see in the city where it’s all Corporate. Here there’s just so much life.. and energy. And you actually find independent little coffee shops, instead of just the usual chains like Costa and Pret.
  • I’ve really got into raving- growing up I didn’t know anything about the underground scene and none of my friends listened to that music. Then one of my friends took me to an underground rave.. it’s how I met so many open minded people, different to what I was used to, and made a whole bunch of new friends.
  • I love working in an area where  everyone is so creative and especially the way they dressed; now I look back on the young me and think ‘I was so basic’. Owning my own business, though, is the dream.. Once I figure out exactly what, I’ll make it happen.

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